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Robert Deptford Communications

Media & Presentation Training

Learn to leverage ANY possible opportunity to speak to your audience, build your personal brand, become an industry authority and make more sales! Check out our exclusive programs and different ways to learn below!


FOR A LIMITED TIME - Complete any of our Pro live virtual training programs and get a GUARANTEED GUEST SPOT on a syndicated talk radio program that goes to air in more than a dozen major markets in the USA and reaches thousands more listeners streaming online via the Online Radio Box app.



Get on Camera (Live Virtual) - $395

Condensed three-hour intensive

Maximum eight participants

Recorded sessions

Multiple challenges to complete

For beginner video presenters

If we've learned anything about reaching an audience in recent times, it's that the digital space is where consumer behaviour has shifted and video is a critical communication tool. Whether you need to host a Zoom meeting, send private video messages, create social media content or record a training session, there's a right way to do it. Join us to learn the fundamentals of voice and appearance as you speak to camera, engage your target audience through the lens and produce a basic finished video product. No fancy camera settings, backdrops or special lighting required in this beginner program. A smartphone or tablet will do.

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Woman speaking to camera on smartphone


The Ultimate Master Presenter (Live Virtual) - $997 per participant

VIP Condensed 2-Day Intensive

Maximum eight participants

On-site and remote options for corporate groups

Individual assessments

Recorded sessions

Multiple challenges to complete

For leaders who are serious about leveling up their impact and influence in the boardroom and on video, audio and stage.

BONUS: Guaranteed 30-minute guest spot (25 minutes plus commercial breaks) on a talk radio show reaching 12 large US markets (estimated $50k broadcast airtime value). And you'll know exactly how to make the most of your appearance!

Most of us learn how to talk at a young age, but only a rare few learn how to create impact and influence on others. Those who can:

✅ Get on a stage, speak from their heart, and leave their audience wanting more.

✅ Get interviewed on podcasts, radio or television and skillfully represent their personal and company brands in good and bad times.

✅ Confidently deliver their message through that little black rectangle we call a camera these days.

✅ Create social media content that gains traction and gets engagement.

✅ Become a go-to leader in their field of expertise.

✅ Win against their competitors because they earn more trust and attract more sales.

How great would it be for you and your business if you had that power?

Join us.

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Corporate Group Training (On Site or Virtual)

Perfect for executive teams, sales teams, recruitment teams and other public facing groups in your organization who need to perform at their best

We travel for on-site training in various formats from short lunch and learn sessions to longer conference or retreat workshops.

For prospective business presenters and keynote speakers

People are beginning to find board rooms, conferences and events with stages again, and those stages need experts on them to speak. Experts like you! Sadly, stage fright holds back many. Others have confidence but could deliver much more effectively. There are few things worse for your personal brand and your bottom line than a bad presentation that turns off an audience. Even worse if it's an investor. Let's explore how to present at your best for the best possible outcome. Whether you want to apply for a TEDx talk, report to stakeholders or just share expertise at a conference, that will boost your likeability, trustworthiness, and ultimately your sales because you'll be seen as a competent industry authority.




Get on Camera Smartphone Mini-Course (Virtual) - $29

Three short video modules

BONUS video

Go at your own pace

Smartphone basics for beginner video creators

If you're in business, video creation is a REQUIREMENT in this digital-first business era. But not everyone is ready to commit to a comprehensive oral communication course, so we created this series for anyone who is just starting out with video creation on their smartphone to grow their presence on social media, or just to be able to communicate better with colleagues and customers.

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Are there people in your company who need to better engage your colleagues and clients on video, audio, stage or in the boardroom?

Rob can customize a training program to suit your organization's needs, and he can travel to your site to teach. Contact us below, and let's discuss how we can raise your presentation game.