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Robert Deptford Communications

Meet Rob:

Rob is a professionally trained journalist and coach. He began his career in radio news and sports, and his ability to get the attention of an audience took him into marketing and communication roles in the post-secondary education sector.

As a travelling promotional ambassador for several different colleges and universities, Rob spent more than 20 years speaking to live audiences of as few as 10 to more than 2,500. He became a known, liked and trusted voice in his industry and helped generate record application numbers for the educational programs he represented.

Now Rob applies the same presentation skills and strategies to build his personal brand and grow his companies. He knows what it takes to turn yourself on in the spotlight and make a meaningful impact, whether on video, audio or stage.

If you want to become an industry authority, earn a trusted personal brand and make more sales in YOUR business, you MUST be able to present like a pro. Rob's media and presentation training is a great place to start.

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Why Do You Need The Sharpest Possible Communication Skills?

Two women speaking into mics on a podcast
  • Have you ever sat through a presentation where someone reads every word from their slides in a boring, monotone voice?

    Most of us have, and it makes us want to speed up time so we can get the heck out of there if we haven't already fallen asleep.

    What a huge wasted effort it is when you don't show up and perform well for your audience!

    You need star power! Stars make a greater impact when they speak because they know how to command attention, and attention is amongst today's most valuable currencies.

    Stellar communicators are THE MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE ON THE PLANET!

    ✔ They can easily engage others

    ✔ They are able to influence others

    ✔ They know how to evoke emotional responses

    ✔ They educate

    ✔ They entertain

    MOST IMPORTANTLY - When they speak, people listen.

    Imagine what having that power could do for you and your business!

    And here's the thing... EVERYONE has star power, but only a rare few have learned how to harness it. Examples include:

    ➡ Pro athletes

    ➡ Rock stars

    ➡ Movie and TV stars

    ➡ National radio personalities

    ➡ Top YouTubers and social media influencers

    ➡ Famous business gurus

    ➡ Politicians

    ➡ Religious leaders

    ➡ Bestselling authors

    They all found their spotlight and leveraged it to their advantage, and the majority of them can SPEAK - on stage, on TV, on the radio, on podcasts, in social media videos and more.

    They have a widespread presence that shapes their personal brand, earns trust and drives sales.

    And YOU CAN TOO!

    You don't have to become world-famous. You just have to become famous to the target audience that matters for your business.