Optimize Your Website

Yes, You Need a Website. Here's Why.

Aug 03, 2022
I understand small business website pain.

You really only have two choices:

1. Invest a ton of time and energy into learning how to build and optimize a website your customers will appreciate.

2. Pay an expert to do it so you can focus on your business strengths.

And while it might not be obvious at first, you realize the more costly option in the long run is option one, so you look into hiring someone.

But it's expensive. Incredibly expensive for some of the bigger agencies.

So you ponder the idea of not having a website for now.

Your social media activity is sufficient, right?


🙄 Your competitors have websites. Nice ones YOUR customers would like.
👉 Websites lend credibility and legitimize your business.
⌚ Websites welcome your customers 24/7/365.
🌎 Websites improve brand visibility and open up new markets.
😲 Your social media could vanish tomorrow. You don't own it. You DO own your website.

And there are a million other reasons you MUST invest in a website, but the number one reason is...

Your customers EXPECT it!

Especially after the past couple years of accelerated digital transformation.

So, you wonder how you can make it work.

That's where I come in.

I build dozens of websites for my own endeavours.

With inflation making an impact, I needed to create more revenue, but I needed to do it by offering something others would need in the current economic climate.

Since websites are a critical business tool in any economy, and since I've been building them anyway for my small business, it was a natural fit to offer web design, hosting and maintenance as a service to others.

Just like you, I'm finding creative ways to move forward through challenging times.

Let's see if we're a fit to work together and get your small business a stellar new online home to welcome your customers.

From one small business operator to another, I promise the process will be painless.

I like to keep my customers in business so they can keep me in business.

Standard packages and custom options are available. Learn more and see some examples here: https://robertdeptford.com/web-design

Written by Rob Deptford, founder of Robert Deptford Communications.