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Want to Present Better? Imagine You're a Cooking Show Host

Aug 12, 2022

Whether it's a show that highlights various restaurants or a more traditional program about following a recipe, the best hosts have a few things in common that make them model presenters.

✅ They use a ton of great descriptive language.

✅ They show a high level of enthusiasm for their topic.

✅ And while they point out the finer details, they share their anticipation of an incredible final outcome.

If they've done a really good job, they've made your mouth water.

You may even decide you feel hungry and head out to the nearest grocery store or restaurant.

Their presentation creates an emotional response, and it's often memorable.

👉 Now imagine applying the same principles to an on-camera or in-person presentation in your area of expertise.

Make your audience hungry for whatever you have to offer.

Written by Rob Deptford, founder of Robert Deptford Communications. Rob helps leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and sales teams unlock their star power to attract more business through stellar media and presentation skills.