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How Smartphones Made Presentation Training Essential

Aug 02, 2022

Back in journalism school I never would have guessed that reporters, let alone anyone else, would be able to capture a story with a pocket-sized device.

But that's what happened.

Smartphones became as good at recording video as many of the standard broadcast cameras used to be.

And when video gained popularity on social media, many people started creating and attracting thousands of eyeballs to their content.

Not everyone, though.

A lot of people were envious of the attention early video adopters were getting, but they didn't understand the business value.

On top of that, they didn't understand what makes a good video presentation because they were never trained.

That's where I jumped in to fill a market need.

I drew from my journalism training to create a smartphone video mini-course that could get anyone started on camera.

Today, audiences expect leaders, entrepreneurs, sales teams and side hustlers to be able to present to camera as well as they present to others in person.

Going through a pandemic certainly played a role in amplifying that need.

We've come a long way from my first smartphone video training program, but as demand keeps rising, I keep offering media and presentation training - virtually and in person.

Want to make a presentation impact to stand out from your competitors?

Reach out to me.

Rob Deptford is the founder of Robert Deptford Communications. He teaches experts, leaders, sales teams and entrepreneurs how to unlock their star power and attract more business through stellar media and presentation skills. His company also provides small business web design, hosting and maintenance to help his clients shine online.

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