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Hi! I'm Rob!

📍Calgary, AB, Canada

I'm a veteran communicator ready to leave the ups and downs of self-employment behind and finish out my career contributing my expertise to the success of a team. My 27 years of experience spans a wide range of on-staff roles in broadcast journalism, post-secondary administration and HR services. I've been at least partially self-employed for 10 years and have focussed on content marketing training and consulting. I'm known for teaching, memorable presenting, big picture thinking, agility, and experimenting with new approaches. As a servant leader, coach and mentor, I take pride in lifting up others. If you need a senior marketer who has creative talent, is genuinely personable from the mailroom to the boardroom, has touch points across traditional and digital media, and believes in building relationships and brand authority to drive business growth, I'd love to chat.

Content Marketing | Brand Development | Public Relations | Communications | Generative AI | YouTube | Branded Podcasting | Digital Marketing | LinkedIn

My Formal Education

📰Bachelor of Journalism

ğŸŽ™Diploma - Cinema, Television, Stage and Radio (Broadcast News Specialization)

👊Certificate - ICF Accredited Coaching

What Science Says About Me

📊Top CliftonStrengths:

1.      Strategic

2.      Ideation

3.      Connectedness

4.      Learner

5.      Intellection


My Top 10 Values











Organizations I've Served as an Employee

Toombs Logo
Schulich School of Engineering Logo
St. Mary's University Logo
Metro Continuing Education Logo
CKVH Radio Logo

A Few Highlights

Toombs (2015-2023) | Hybrid, Contract

✅Consulted directly with dozens of different companies - primarily in the energy sector - to implement restructuring plans and support departing employees during one of the largest employment downturns in Calgary history. Developed sharp EQ and honed coaching, interpersonal communication and leadership skills to help navigate the challenging environment, which sometimes entailed hundreds of layoffs in a single day.

Schulich School of Engineering (2009-2013) | On Site

✅As part of an all-star team, created and executed a multifaceted strategy to raise the reputation of the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary which resulted in national attention and record enrolment applications. Tactics spanned print and digital marketing along with significant travel to build key relationships and promote the brand to target audiences across Canada.

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (2004-2007) | On Site

✅Member of the institutional marketing committee which executed a full-scale website redevelopment that resulted in a more attractive interface, better SEO and more traffic. Led a team of nine full-time employees and several contract employees to deliver on marketing and student support goals for the registrar's office, and managed off-site relationships with service providers, such as creative agencies and printers.

CKVH Radio/Alberta News Network (Early Career) | On Site

✅Still in journalism's heydey, I began carving my communications path as a trained observer - gathering information, interviewing key people, fact checking, distilling and reporting stories in ways the average person could understand. I held corporate and government officials accountable, raised awareness for important causes, brought events to people who couldn't attend, and broadly served the local community. It was a magnificent foundation on which to build my career.

Clients I've Served as a Consultant

CalFrac Logo
Motor City Spindle Repair Logo
YouMap Logo
The Doug Thompson Logo
CBart Studios Logo
K&J Cedarfix Logo

A Few Highlights

YouMap | Charlotte, North Carolina

✅Worked with bestselling business author Kristin A. Sherry to create a portfolio of promotional videos for her YouMap certification program which accompanies her book by the same name. Kristin now attracts new clients to her program on an ongoing basis, and the YouMap logo above links to a page with some of my video work.

CBArt Studios | Denver, Colorado

✅Consulted on service delivery models for this art class startup and helped create a multi-media brand experience for their clients. This involved on-camera presentation training with one of the co-founders, building and maintaining a dynamic website, and identifying social media strategies that align with their goals.

The Doug Thompson, Professional Speaker | Austin, Texas

✅Doug and I consulted on branded podcasting strategies and briefly pursued a business idea together to provide branded podcasting services. While that business didn't take off, Doug hired me to build a brand aligned website for his speaking business, and Doug was an auditing student of my branded podcasting online course.

CalFrac Well Service | Calgary, Alberta

✅Provided leadership coaching to a new leader reporting to the C-suite for the first time and managing a team which included some personality mismatches. Successfuly supported the transition and the company's retention of that leader.

Some of My Publications

The Business Broadcasting Advantage

The Business Broadcasting Advantage

The On Camera Confidence Handbook

The On Camera Confidence Handbook

Simple Steps to Launch a Branded Podcast

Simple Steps to Launch a Branded Podcast

Ready to elevate your brand for significant business growth? I'd love to help. I'm happy to be considered for full-time, fractional and contract opportunities. Simply reach out by email. Thanks for stopping by!

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